What is the My Hero Creations Affiliate program?

The My Hero Creations Affiliate Program is a way for you to get some extra cash just for recommending My Hero Creations to your friends and family!

Is there a "help group" for affiliates?

Yes! I have a Facebook group for Affiliates that I answer questions in and post contest information, new products, etc. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MHCBrandReps

How does it work?

Apply as an affiliate, once approved, you’ll be given a custom link and coupon code to give out that will track customers who purchase from My Hero Creations using your link or coupon code!

Payment details?

You will earn 20%-30% (depending on your current tier level) of each sale that is made using your link or coupon code!

Orders placed between the first day of the month and the last day of the month will be paid out on the 1st business day of the following month (via PayPal).

How do I “promote it” though?

See someone requesting where to buy a custom necklace? Use your link and/or coupon code! Have a blog and want to write about your favorite designs? Use your link! Have a Facebook group? Use your link! You can even pin products to Pinterest or post your favorite product(s) using your link on Facebook or Instagram! We make a wide variety of gifts and accessories for men and women so it is always easy to find something that appeals to anyone!

How long does it take to be approved?

Each application will be reviewed to make sure you’re a great fit to represent the My Hero Creations brand! While we will aim to send approvals within 1-2 days, it may take a little longer if we need to review something before approval.

How long is the link valid?

There is a 30 day “cookie.” Meaning if someone clicks on your link and purchases within 30 days, you’ll get credit!

Are there any “Bonus” opportunities?

Yes! From time to time we will run contests and product giveaways.

Can I use my coupon code and link for my personal orders?

Yes! The only time we ask that you not use your coupon code is when we do a special offer/discount for new and/or existing affiliates. This will be stated in the terms of the advertising post and you will not receive commission for that order.

Are there any excluded products/categories?

We reserve the right to make changes on this at any time, but right now commission will not apply towards a product that is already deeply discounted for our affiliates as a special offer.